Store Policies

At this time, gifts may either be transferred to the recipient if the product is trans or purchased through xstreet for no-transfer items.

Refunds and Exchanges
Sorry, We do not offer refunds or exchanges for the protection of both the store and the customers. In the event where a mistake was made on our part, please contact the creator immediately.

Lost or Damaged Inventory
If your product has disappeared from your inventory, we can only replace it if the original product is no trans.

When Contacting Creators
Always provide your full avatar's name and the transaction number with the product name in a notecard. Explain the problem or question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Custom Requests
On occasion, we do accept custom requests, Please notecard your request to us and we'll inform you if the request is accepted.

Thank you,

Cree Roxley
Nevalyn Looming

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