Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Featured Little Girls Outfits

Working on some of the girls outfits has definitely been a challenge and looking back at one of my first outfits to one of my most recent and then comparing, you can really see how I've grown. I suppose that's with any creator, designer, etc. I've been working with a lot of new sculpts. Thanks to family and friends who have been providing for me to expand in my creativity. <3 Here are a couple of recent outfits that I have finished up.

This was titled Zetropic because of the floral and zebra print. When I say it I pronounce it with some wild accent. :P The outfit includes two different type of shoes, the chucks and the flats, as well as optional pink tights and the bangles that sparkle. :D

I've really wanted to work on providing great quality clothing, with lots of choices that are stylish and fun for a super cheap and affordable price. This outfit is set for only 100Ls.

This is the Fabulous Outfit and it was a 50L Friday item for out store a couple of weeks ago. The skirt is sculpt, as well as the bottom of the shirt (includes belt) and the sleeves. It was my first time working with these and I am more than happy in the way they turned out. Of course, the shoes are included... it tops of the outfit.

All clothing that I create will be transfer and modify using only resizer scripts.

I have worked on a few more items that were for fun.

Sculpted heart sunglasses are sooo much fun and can be a great accessory to any outfit. I made five different designs, this includes the classic white and black shades. You can either buy them individually or in a fatpack. Believe it or not these shades are only 50Ls a piece.

Around the beginning of Hardknock Camp I did three different types of cork boards (camp, boy, and girl). The one pictured is the Little Boy Cork board. It's customizable and allows you to put in your own pictures. These cork boards are a little bigger than the other ones you see floating around SL.

Projects that I am working on this week:
a. wear gray for a day outfit
2. hunt item
d.kids 50L Friday item

**I will post them as I finish them so please take a look back soon.

Love~Miss Nevy


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