Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Men's/Boy's Tshirts for Wear Gray 2010!

YAY! So I did want to make sure the men were covered with a little something from our store. Far too often are the guys on the short end of the stick when it comes to hunts and special events. So I'll be here to represent the boys and men as much as I can with our store!

I originally made these shirts for the men since I already had an outfit out for the boys at the Wear Gray 2010 fundraiser, but heck! I had the boys wear it and they looked absolutely adorable in it too! So boys and men, these shirts are for you!

Wear Gray 2010's exclusive .:[AMAME]:. Toy Buddies tshirts! Celebrate the big kid in yourself with a timeless pixar classic of Toy Story. Often we forget that we've got a friend in someone so these shirts are exclusively dedicated to the Wear Gray 2010 cause. They will only be sold for the duration of the fundraiser event so get them while you can!

So I'm all done on my end for the event. Two items (one boys outfit and one men's/boy's tshirt) to be sold to raise money for the American Brain Tumor Association + 1 outfit (for both men and boys) for the Wear Gray Hunt. Nevy will be working on her end for the girls =) More updates soon!


Cree Roxley


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