Monday, August 16, 2010

Wear Gray 2010

.:[AMAME]:. Kids is proud to be one of the many merchants participating in the Wear Gray 2010 fundraiser for The American Brain Tumor Association.

Since we are a new store, this will be the first big event and hunt that will put our name out there. And what better way than to do so while donating sales to a meritorious charity? For the fundraiser, we will be putting out at least two items. One for boys and one for girls (since we are a kid store after all), but I (Cree Roxley) might make a men's item too.

Here's what we have so far:

This outfit is called Dusk and it's for the boys. It's a gray jacket with sculpted sleeves and collar as well as a hoodie sculpt that can replace the collar to transform the outfit into something more comfy. Jacket includes a sculpted bottom to add volume to the jacket as well as a belt for style. Outfit also comes with a stand alone belt, if that is preferred. Included is a white undershirt/tank if it gets too hot and tartan gray shorts with sculpted cuffs.

Here's the hunt item that can be worn by both men and boys:

Since this is a hunt item, it's no trans. This outfit is a red and charcoal polo shirt with a sculpted collar. It also comes with black low rise jean shorts with scripted cuffs and pocket parts. (white undies are part of the jean shorts).

Nevy will be working on getting the girls' outfit ready for the fundraiser so stay tuned for more! Back to the drawing board for me on what I can do for the men's fundraiser outfit. I'll probably make a tshirt since that's what I focused mostly on before.


Cree Roxley


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